Polkadot is the most talked-about multichain protocol, but there are many other Layer 1 networks that can support a constellation of independent blockchains capable of exchanging data and assets. We will look at several emerging multichain ecosystems, including Polkadot/Kusama, Avalanche, and Cosmos.

What is a Layer 1 multichain network?

In blockchain, a Layer 1 network is a…

We remind you that on December 14, Pontem Network with DIA held an AMA session!

You can get acquainted with the DIA’s first half an hour of the session here:

The questions of the Pontem part you can see below:

Do you believe that decentralized finance and future privacy regulations can — and will — coexist harmoniously?

Great question. Happy to offer some color.
Although DeFi…

Pontem Network

The Experimentation Platform for Facebook-Backed Diem

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