Introducing Move Playground: A Feature-rich Browser IDE for Experimenting with Move

Pontem Network
2 min readMay 7, 2022

Pontem is announcing the release of the Move Playground, a feature-rich online code editor for the Move language. Move is the blockchain programming language designed for Diem by Meta, and it is the same programming language used by Aptos, the safest, most scalable and reliable L1.

This release has come after months of hard work by our team and is a step forward for Pontem towards growing Move adoption by providing tools necessary for developers to build blockchain applications with the Move language on Aptos. Similar to the Remix IDE maintained by the Ethereum foundation, the Move Playground will be an entrypoint for developers of all skill levels to start learning how to code with Move on Aptos without having to set up a local environment to get started.

Pontem is a product development studio working closely with Aptos to prioritize a roadmap of dApps and developer tooling deployed on the Aptos Blockchain with technical support from the Aptos team. The Move Playground is one of the first products Pontem is launching to support developers building on the Aptos Blockchain. Learning a new language can be a difficult aspect of building a blockchain application, but Pontem believes their future suite of developer tools will streamline adoption.

The new Move Playground is a browser code editor for Move, which will allow developers to get familiar with Move, the Aptos Blockchain and its powerful features without wasting time setting up a local environment. Developers can build, test and deploy Move smart contracts from any device. One of the most appealing aspects is that there is no download or set-up required — all you need is a web browser to use the tool.

With the Move Playground, you can ideate, research and even build complete, fully-fledged Move programs on Aptos. Developers can test their new ideas and experiment with Move in a fully responsive environment, right in their web browser. The Move Playground will also have natively embedded tutorials so developers with little to no experience with Move or blockchain applications can quickly get up to speed on how to use the language. Entry points for developers like the Move Playground will be integral on the journey to a billion users on Aptos.

Start coding now with the Move Playground and give us feedback on your experience for a chance to win one of several cash bounties. Just click the button on the lower right hand corner of the app.