Pontem Blocks.
Create Your Own DeFi Strategies

Recently, both Web3 Foundation and Wings Foundation have supported us with grants, so now Pontem Network is one step closer to become the “Kusama” for Diem. And today we are going to talk about one of the interesting possible cases of our project called Pontem Blocks*. We will explore more about this tool and its possible usages.

What are Pontem Blocks?

In a nutshell, Pontem Blocks is a case that brings different DeFi tools together in one place. It allows users to create their own strategies, unite all operations into one transaction, and give external developers a chance to monetize their own developed blocks.

Pontem Blocks can act like blocks of pre-set values used to build and create DeFi tools. Users will be able to mix them in various combinations to reach the necessary outcome. And the best part is that such development will be fast and effortless, with no need to write code.

One of the key functions of Pontem Blocks may be the opportunity to bring various DeFi tools together. For instance, users will have a chance to take multiple actions such as swapping tokens, providing liquidity, or staking LP tokens* all in one place. Furthermore, it could be possible to add ready-to-use Presets for users to benefit from the actions created by other developers externally.

  • Attention! The aforementioned functions are just examples of the upcoming functionality.

All-in-all, Pontem Blocks will facilitate the creation of smart contracts and allow users to formulate their own strategies. To test Pontem Blocks cases, you can check out the demo prototype here.

Case #1 NFT

Let’s say you want to create your own NFT and submit it to the OpenSea marketplace. You may use the Custom Preset module (Unique Blocks) developed by another user.

Go to Pontem Blocks, click on the cube and Assign the Operation you need.

  • Select a block with the title Create NFT.
  • Enter all the necessary parameters:
    1-The NFT ID
    2-NFT link to the picture (video hosting) that represents NFT.
    3-The number of NFTs needed.
  • At this moment, you’ll be able to check the cost of using this block, for example, 10 PONT.
  • Set the block and click on the next cube to choose the next operation.
  • Choose to Publish the NFT Token in the Open Sea section.
  • Enter the following parameters:
    1-NFT Adress
    2-The number of NFTs you plan to sell.
    3- NFT Price
  • Set the Block and Run the operation.

Well done! Wait a bit to see a transaction status and get a transaction hash with the link to explorer.

So stay tuned not to miss the most interesting news about us!

👉Telegram chat: https://t.me/pontemnetworkchat

👉Twitter: https://twitter.com/PontemNetwork

*Pontem Blocks are an example of what can be developed on Pontem Network.
This article does not imply any obligation to implement the ideas described.




Aptos Blockchain Product Studios

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