Pontem Network and Aptos Labs partner to develop products that will bring the Aptos Layer 1 mainstream

Pontem and Aptos are announcing a partnership for Pontem to develop open source products on the Aptos Blockchain. Pontem will collaborate with Aptos to prioritize a roadmap of dApps exclusively deployed on the Aptos Blockchain with technical support from the Aptos team. This collaboration enables the success of native Move-based dApps on the Aptos Blockchain and strengthens the ecosystem for developers and users.

“The Pontem team has been building with Move and the Diem codebase since its inception,” core contributor Alejo Pinto added. “Given we’ve been heads down and hands on with the code, we see clearly the vision and potential of this technology to bring in a massive wave of professional mindset web3 developers to build decentralized apps for mainstream users.”

Aptos is creating a ‘Layer 1 for everyone’ to bring decentralized assets to the everyday lives of billions of users. Aptos is building key innovations like the Move language and the Diem-BFT consensus and aims to deliver the safest, most reliable and scalable Layer 1 blockchain. Aptos recently announced a $200M strategic round led by a16z crypto with participation from various prominent crypto VCs such as Multicoin Capital, FTX Ventures, and Coinbase Ventures among others to scale their ecosystem and deliver on their vision.

Pontem is marking their commitment to leverage years of experience working with Move and the Diem open source codebase to be first movers in developing foundational dApps like AMMs, and developer tooling for the new Aptos ecosystem. With a full fledged product development studio, the dApps developed by Pontem in collaboration with Aptos will fuel mainstream adoption globally for both regular users and institutions on the Aptos Blockchain. Pontem is eager to share their product roadmap, which will be released soon.

Mo Shaikh, Aptos co-founder and CEO, shared the following: “Building the “Layer 1 for Everyone” is our rallying cry to web3 creators and builders. The success of this vision starts with the collective work and growth of our network. Building a world utility can only happen together, and we’re energized by the possibilities this partnership unlocks for our developer community. We can’t wait to see how this collaboration will propel usage to bring the Aptos vision closer to realization as the safest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain.”

Starting with deployments to Aptos’ testnet, end users and developers will soon be able to start using products stemming from this collaboration. This partnership will accelerate the growth and usage of the Move enabled Aptos blockchain to deliver on the vision of decentralized financial infrastructure for billions of users.

To builders interested in rolling up their sleeves and getting deeper into the Aptos ecosystem, you can find more information here.‍


What: Collaboration for Pontem to develop open source products on the Aptos Blockchain protocol with technical support from the Aptos team.

Why: To enable the success of each product developed by Pontem which will grow the ecosystem of available products built with move on Aptos.

When: Starting now, the two teams will work together closely to develop and deploy products on the Aptos protocol.




Aptos Blockchain Product Studios

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