Pontem Network Digest

  1. What Pontem does is connect Diem by Facebook and the decentralized world, including the emerging crypto markets. The network will help Diem users get access to all the use-cases provided by the unregulated society, such as financial instruments, DeFi and NFT, and even games.
  2. We’re keeping on our road to become one of the Polkadot Parachains and support Move VM and Move Language.
  3. The network is going to help Diem users gain access to all the use cases provided by unregulated society, such as financial instruments, security tools, and even games.
  4. Pontem will be an attractive direction for the product creators, giving them the freedom to create as they originally had intended, in turn resulting in a massive flow of users into the ecosystem, thus pushing the value of Pontem exponentially.

Pontem Network Received Two Grants

We are pleased to announce that Pontem Network has been approved for two grants, one from Web3 Foundation and one from Wings Foundation

Pontem Network is building the community

We have opened our official channels on Telegram and Twitter where you can find all the latest news and updates. We will keep sharing the most interesting posts here on Medium as well. But when it comes to brief information, Telegram and Twitter work best.

What’s next?

An essential part of the new website launch is the release of Pontem Blocks prototype design. You can watch the demo on our web page.



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Pontem Network

Pontem Network

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