Pontem Web3 Foundation Grant

So what’s the plan?

  1. Move VM and language are written in Rust language, so they are compiled to Polkadot WASM. Unfortunately, we still cannot use the crates that depend on Runtime. For this reason, we can only create a stable pallet by forking Move VM/language and replacing crates with ones we can use. These new crates may include simple alternatives to the already existing ones or will be developed by our team.
  2. During our latest research, we discovered that Move VM outputs, WriteSets, will not work with the Polkadot key-value storage as they are. For this reason, we’ll have to make them compatible with the storage and transform them from LCS to Polkadot codec format. The same thing will have to be done with address format SS58 and non-VM balances.
  3. We’ll need to change VM gas usage units and math to make them compatible with Polkadot standards.
  4. We will also build documentation around the Move pallet and adopt the existing tools and documents about Move VM and language.

How will we accomplish it?

Web3 Foundation about us: Twitter | Medium



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