Pontem Blocks.
Create Your Own DeFi Strategies

What are Pontem Blocks?

  • Attention! The aforementioned functions are just examples of the upcoming functionality.

Case #1 NFT

  • Select a block with the title Create NFT.
  • Enter all the necessary parameters:
    1-The NFT ID
    2-NFT link to the picture (video hosting) that represents NFT.
    3-The number of NFTs needed.
  • At this moment, you’ll be able to check the cost of using this block, for example, 10 PONT.
  • Set the block and click on the next cube to choose the next operation.
  • Choose to Publish the NFT Token in the Open Sea section.
  • Enter the following parameters:
    1-NFT Adress
    2-The number of NFTs you plan to sell.
    3- NFT Price
  • Set the Block and Run the operation.



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